The Butterfly

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The dance performance The Butterfly is about love between people, men and women, from different countries with very different cultural and aesthetical ideas about the meaning and expression of love. - From Vietnam to Tanzania, India and Denmark. It aims to inspire to a better understanding of different cultures and their aesthetic attitudes, and hopefully, it will contribute towards making it easier for people to live together in a global society.

A butterfly is transformed from a caterpillar into a pupa and finally into a free-flying being. And this can serve as a metaphor for the spiritual transformation that goes on in humans, in the meeting between man and woman as well as in the meeting between different cultures of the world. 

The Butterfly was listed on the operas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2006.

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Choreography: Birgitte Bauer-Nilsen
Composer & Musical Director: Niels Lan Doky
Co-composer: Xavier Desandre-Navarre
Costumes: Hanne Mørup
Lighting design: Rasmus Eeg
Dancers: Phuong Nguyen Hong Ha, Le Minh, Aloyce Mohammedi Makondo, Maureen Mvoni, Line Smith-Ledet and Lars Bear